My Experience

Over 15 years of experience in genomics spanning research, industry, and clinical.
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20K+ citations for first/last-author publications

  • Created SIFT, a gold-standard algorithm that predicts disease missense variants
  • Published the first individual human genome

Clients include:

  • sequencing providers
  • consumer genomics
  • pre-implantation, cancer, rare disorders

Designed GWAS microarray content at Illumina

  • CIO for the first NGS CAP lab in Southeast Asia

  • Consulting to establish clinical labs in Southeast Asia

Why Hire Me?

With more than 25 years of experience, I get to the root of the problem and address it. I am efficient at finding and implementing solutions.

I work fast to meet my deadlines.
I’m based in Singapore and have international clients. This allows me to tag-team with a client so that a project is worked on 24 hours per day. I can check in to keep the project moving forward.

Regular employees look for career advancement and titles. I’ve been there and done that; I concentrate on getting things done.

My clients have years-long contracts because they are satisfied with my work . If you are unhappy with my work or it's not a good fit, there is no need to go through a PIP, just terminate our agreement.

My work has opened up new fields and markets. I love projects that are innovative and impactful.



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