Can’t lose weight with Belviq?

With the holidays nearly over, I have to admit I’m feeling sick overeating with the holiday parties and goodies given as gifts.

We’ll be examining the gender differences in the weight loss drug Belviq (generic name lorcaserin).

Based on online ratings, Belviq works better in males than in females (men gave 1.18 more points for effectiveness than women (p=0.000064) and 1.17 more for satisfaction (p=0.000086)).

In 43% of the reviews written by men, they said Belviq (Lorcaserin) was “reducing cravings”. In contrast, only 9% of the reviews written by women said Lorcaserin “reduced cravings”. In 34% of women in their reviews said they experienced “headaches” while taking the drug, whereas only 3% of men said they experienced “headaches”. Meanwhile, 87% of men in their reviews said the Belviq assist for “weight lost” as compared to 61.3% of women. So, we can conclude from the reviews that Belviq (Lorcaserin) works better in men than in women.

Here is a comparison of the words found in reviews from men and women:

Phrase Female* Male** p-value
“reduced cravings” 9% (4/44) 43% (13/38) 0.0006
“weight lost” 61% (27/44) 87% (26/30) 0.02
“headache” 34% (15/44) 3% (1/30) 0.002

* % of female reviewers that use the phrase
** % of male reviewers that use the phrase

So, if you’re a woman not seeing great results with Belviq — you’re not the only one! Based on experiences of WebMD reviews, Belviq isn’t as effective for women.