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Holmes, AI

A Sherlock Holmes story with machine learning. Learn: scikit-learn, a machine learning library Image Analysis Face Recognition Google’s Colaboratory Python Notebook


FDA Run Control Specification(Part 9)

Sometimes the specifications initially set are too restrictive, because not enough runs have been done to capture the variability of the experiment. In run control specification, we rerun the statistics on all the validation runs to establish more liberal thresholds.


Obsessions in Alzheimer’s

This video shows a woman with Alzheimer’s who is obsessed with finding and helping a non-existent cat. The obsession happens over a two-month period and you can tell she’s very distressed. She is always looking for a cat — wandering the streets and even breaking windows to go out and find this cat. Her daughter …

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Alzheimer’s book: 100 Simple Things You Can Do to Prevent Alzheimer’s and Age-Related Memory Loss

The book “100 Simple Things You Can Do to Prevent Alzheimer’s and Age-Related Memory Loss” was written in 2010. You can find all of the advice on the Internet, and in more succinct terms. The author Jean Carper lists “100 actions” you can take to prevent Alzheimer’s. Each action is written as a chapter. My …

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Alzheimer’s Books: Tangles and The Little Girl in the Radiator

I read two books on Alzheimer’s from the caretaker’s perspective: The Little Girl in the Radiator Tangles Tangles and The Little Girl in the Radiator are written from the perspective of the caregiver. Tangles is written by Sarah Leavitt about her mother. The main caretaker is her father. In The Little Girl in the Radiator, …

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ApoE4 and increased risk of Alzheimer’s

My significant other (SO) has a good chance of getting Alzheimer’s, based on his family history and genetics (he’s ApoE4 homozygous). We discovered this when he got his DNA tested. So my goal (that sounds really ambitious – maybe I should say “aim”? Trying again…) My aim is to find preventive measures for Alzheimer’s, specifically …

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